Wesley Donehue

Wesley Donehue

United Federation Holdings is the parent company of Wesley Donehue’s business ventures.

Wesley builds businesses, brands and political campaigns. He’s an entrepreneur, political operative and wannabe endurance athlete based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

Wesley has been running political campaigns since he was just fifteen years old. Today, he’s the CEO of Push Digital and it’s five subsidiaries, co-owner of Frothy Beard Brewing Company, co-owner of Zombie Bob’s Pizza and co-owner of Park Place Properties.

Wesley has served as a digital advisor for politicians across America including Senator Tom Cotton, Senator David Perdue, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Trey Gowdy and more parties, PACs and issue advocacy groups than we can count. He has advised numerous corporations on branding and/or crisis communication including SeaWorld, Kmart, Sears and HSN.

When not working, you can find Wesley hanging out with his wife, Elizabeth and their three sons, drinking at a craft brewery or training for an insane endurance event.

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